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Sovtek midget 50h


Login or Sign Up. Join the HC Newsletter. Search in titles only Search in Amps only Search. Can the Sovtek Mig 50H - what Marshall sounds closest to it? Previous 1 2 Next. A lot even say you can get some tweed tones out of the cleans.

This Sovtek Tube Midget 50H...

Someone is selling one to me, and this is the actual photo. Proud to be an ASH Soul Souls of the Amp Simulator Haters Club But the Axe-FX makes me think about changing my sig. I'd say it's a boosted if anything.

When I had it I didn't really pay too much attention to the cleans since I was all about distortion distortion and distortion back then. I owned the 50H not the regular A "Sovtek midget 50h" 50 and Mig 50H are very different amps. The Mig 50 has no master and is somewhat like a Bassman.

The amp in that picture sounds just like a JCM It is more or less a clone with minor tonal variations. Exactly how do they vary? Originally Posted by Spacehog26 Sovtek midget 50h Maximisers are Originally Posted by lfrz93 btw petejt, is that you in your avatar?

Just like no two jcms sound exactly alike, neither do the migs to the marshalls. Chalk it up to components and how they age I guess. How about the cleans? This amp is giving me another GAS attack. I wouldn't buy it for the cleans, though they are ok. When I was into metal and high gain distortion.

Something like 2 or 3 years ago.

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