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Vault of glass no matchmaking


IGN just released Vault of Glass endgame raid video and it seems like there's no matchmaking for it. So you'll need 5 more friends who can nolife with you for six hours or go home and not be able to do it at all. At first they announce we have only one explorable location per planet and now this?

Hopefully the game is good throughout and not just the end-game Because what I've read there's two "raids" labelled "Vault of glass no matchmaking" not an MMO but yet uses the diction of one, oh activision one is the devil's lair but easy medium hard.

And at Vault of glass no matchmaking final level there's one more raid. Why are these called raids its only 6 players and the size of a small instance of mediocre MMOs You may find 3 and then what? Matchmaking is needed, fact. Better have a couple of random that may or may not be good than be stuck with 4 players out of 6. Like how are you supposed to know if that guy in the tower has 6h and worth a damn?

Just like with matchmaking. Destiny isn't a MMO in the same way Destiny isn't open world. Persistent world FPS is the most correct label for Destiny. I know its not. BF4 may as well be a mmo in that case. Raids are extremely difficult, six-player, endgame missions that may take hours to complete. Eric Osborne stated that on one particular raid, he and his team "spent over 45 minutes just cracking the entrance.

Its six hours we're talking about You can also talk to randoms who join by matchmaking asking them if they have the time.

The Vault of Glass opens...

So at the end its the same thing, randoms from matchmaking or randoms from the tower. Traditionally raids are extremely difficult and lengthy and would be nearly impossible if attempted by randomly matched people. They require a lot of teamwork and patience to get right. Raids are not defined by number of players but rather their length Vault of glass no matchmaking difficulty compared to other grouped content in the game.

The idea is that the raid is such a challenge it should take awhile for people to beat, then there is usually a more difficult version of the raid for people to beat.

Can someone please explain the...

Each time you beat it you get much better loot than other content. There are usually races to see who can do the raid first. Raids are also designed so each time is a challenge so they don't really become routine. They are solid end game content that is meant to be very difficult to complete even once and difficult to continue to run. Size has very little to do with a Vault of glass no matchmaking. A raid is more defined by the difficulty and length of the engagement, not the player count.

Raids historically have had larger player counts because they were trying to emphasize that the game is an MMO.

However the big popular MMOs got rid of the 40 mans because they are extremely hard to design to be fun and getting 40 players together is a nightmare. Best raiding happened with less players.

What sets a raid apart from a dungeon or other instanced content is simply how difficult and long it is. Dungeons are usually content that takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours and are usually easier. "Vault of glass no matchmaking" course rewards are adjusted for this content.

If these Vault of glass no matchmaking in fact several hour long instances with extremely high difficulty they do fit the bill and are raids. We'll see if Bungie's claims are true on launch.

Shouldnt threads with misinformation be locked? No mention that it lacks matchmaking in the video. Yes, they will be difficult, and they will absolutely require communication and cooperation. Don't want to bother watching the video again, I must've just read it and thought I heard it from the video heh.

Here and op updated. Sounds good to me.

You really don't want to do some co op missions with randoms who leave unexpectedly. Maybe Bungie are pulling an Apple move and will have match making included in Destiny "Vault of glass no matchmaking," then everyone saying its not needed in 1 will all bow down to Bungie and their great ways for including such a great feature that was missing from the previous entry.

And I probably wouldn't take issue of the lack of matchmaking if the social aspect didn't feel so damn clunky least from the beta. Yeah I know, still a joke. Who wants to go around talking to random strangers, then what about the people that don't have friends that they converse with to fill a group, have they mentioned what happens when someone leaves mid-raid?

Sometimes being matched up with randoms is what makes a good raid, gets you more friends that trust how you play, a lot of people wont want to start a conversation to join a group is what I am saying. Why would a game lacking basic features that have been around for over a decade sound good to you? The strikes were incredible monotonous.

I can't even imagine Vault of glass no matchmaking 6 hour raid and how much the damage ultrasponge enemies are going to absorb. Looks like diablo3 just got raids, Greater Rift chains can take hours and are very hard at high greater rift count.

Because I don't want unreliable anons sabotaging my play sessions when I've put in a lot of time, maybe? Name a game that has a matchmaking system that doesn't also allow you to opt out and be in a friends-only party and that prevents anons from joining.

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