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Basset hound sex position


The Bassett Hound sex position is a variation of regular Doggy Styleor the Leap Frogdepending on which way you look at it. This means getting on your knees and hands. From here, you Basset hound sex position need to lower yourself further towards the ground. To do this, spread your knees out and push your butt backwards. This will lower your waist.

Then lower yourself onto your elbows and spread them out to bring your chest closer to the ground. Your man will then enter you from behind while on his knees. He can also spread his knees to get low, or he can stay somewhat upright and enter you from an angled position. While this tutorial video is quite distressing, Basset hound sex position will teach you how to make your man scream with pleasure and become sexually addicted to you.

You need to have a decent amount of flexibility to perform this position with your man if you want to get yourself low onto the bed.

You can push yourself back onto your man for harder penetration. You can also lower your hand s and start masturbating yourself. Learn the best methods for this.

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He can lower his waist to yours and penetrate you, just moving in and out. Or he can keep his waist elevated by keeping his knees closer together and penetrate you from above to stimulate your G-Spot more.

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He can also put his hands on your shoulders or waist and pull you towards him for harder penetration. Or he can use his hands to massage your back while fucking you or even reach around your waist and start rubbing your clit.

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