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Girl going down on girl sex


Going down on a woman requires a lot of communication and some experimenting. Take a looooong time to explore other parts of her body first. When you finally get to the vagina, focus on other parts before zooming in on her clit.

Whether you are going fast or slow, be tender with her lady parts! She is enjoying what you are currently doing so why change it up? Be keen on how your girl responds to what you are doing and make note of the techniques that make her twist with ecstasy vs yawn.

The last place you should go is the clitand she should be begging for it. Be attentive and enthusiastic. Tell her how good she tastes. Some women like this, others do not.


The tissue where the g-spot is will feel really spongy and kind of rough. I can tell you that worrying if my SO is enjoying it or if he likes how I taste will absolutely ruin it.

Depends on the girl, but the feeling of heat from your breath can be very stimulating. More than likely the most memorable parts will be the ending or the surprisingly good parts.

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