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Transgender chat site


The TS chat room rules are strictly enforced at all times! Read the room rules "Transgender chat site" entering! No escorts, adult models or porn performers are allowed in our TS chatroom. This Transgender chat site chat room is protected around the clock by Room Monitors. Room Monitors are authorized to kick out or banish rule-breakers and offensive people, and we WILL do it.

Site Owners additionally advise and supervise the actions of Room Monitors. New Room Monitors in need of training write to any of the Site Owners below for a training appointment. Be certain to coordinate for time zone differences.

Transgender Chat City is the...

Katieand Toni. Room Monitors are in seniority order: Approved Temp Room Monitors: Room Monitor names appear in bold type in the names list at right side of chatroom. Use email link below to report Room Monitor misbehavior.

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Use keyword phrases transsexual chat, TS chat room, transsexual chatroom and TS chatroom to locate this page on most search engines. More transsexual chatroom tips: You can get someone's attention by making their PC beep when you type their user name as part Transgender chat site a transsexual chat room message! There is a link below the chat window to see emoticons and TS chatroom sounds.

Highlight a person's name then right click to ignore. When serious misbehavior is alleged, we will refer to a complete transcript of all TS chat messages for the sole purpose of determining the truth of the matter.

If someone in the room is threatening suicide: You have two places to contact, all these people are trained in suicide intervention: Canadian Provincial Suicide Hotline there are Transgender chat site.

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