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Online dating for 20 somethings


When the idea of meeting strangers on the web, as opposed to in a dark, smelly bar, came into the fore of modernity, many of us were… well, we were still minors.

With the stigma of online...

But we heard the horror stories. Soon, popular culture decided that the idea of finding love via your computer screen was akin to social exile. But that was years, nay, decades ago! The question now is, does the stigma remain?

So instead I submit, gentle readers, my humble experiences as a freshly single gal, in a relatively new city with few avenues for meeting new people. Or maybe I was just too lazy to put on pants. Whatever, here we go:. Being a broke graduate student, I had limited options in terms of a correlation between a decent looking interface and that same interface being free.

I quickly learned there was no correlation, and beggars could not be choosers. So I started with OKCupid! After filling out my profile with a Online dating for 20 somethings friend to offer ridiculous answers when I came to a blank, I sat back and waited. This was his lead-in:.

I really like when older women kick me and knee me in the balls for fun… yes I actually do like it, its [sic] a fetish. But good luck finding that special lady-friend to blue-ball you literally to all hell. Like, yatta yatta yatta, me! Gawd, just know me already! However, we started this little repartee during my spring break. So we set a dinner date for mid-week following my return to Tallahassee.

I thought so too, until…. It was Saturday night, and I was in Tampa visiting friends. I immediately started laughing.

My bewildered boos, upon squinting at my phone as I held it in front of them, broke out in nefarious giggles as well. In return I get straight up radio silence until the day of the proposed date. By this point I had no plans on going, but I figured I could at least have a little fun at his expense.

Way to shoot yourself in the foot!

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