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I'm flying out there right now and proposing.

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Once again almost all of them with Nordic features. You look at them and believe that the Turks are beautiful, kind and polite people.

And once you visit Turkey you discover the horrible truth. Only ugliness with people who don't respect personal space and only try to line up their own pockets. Turkish girls are really shallow and uneducated.

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Don't post these stupid Mytakes. We don't care Turkey's actresses. You can't find a Russian or English who post these kind of shit. Because Russian and European girls are not insecure like you.

Aras Bulut İynemli, Çetin Tekindor,...

Share the first opinion in your gender and earn 1 more Xper point! Top 20 Most Beautiful Turkish Actresses.

What Guys Said 9. And none of them have those awful headscarves! It seem that turkish would not get old so easy. What Girls Said 0. How do you view women who are hairy? Should they shave it when in public?

Can you guess our nationality based off of our traditional clothing?

What is your opinion on girls who wear mens clothes? Is this doll look really attractive on girls?

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