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Energetic shadow dating toy chica


Me pregunto si se puede dibujar top 10 su OTP favorito! Me gusta mucho el arte, su soo cute!

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Okay, not the same anon but I'm curious, what would the toy animatronics do Fred,Chic,Bon,and Mangle if they saw the guard during the day like the reader working Energetic shadow dating toy chica the dayshift for the day getting yelled at or being harassed by a rude customer? Like, they befriended them and now they're seeing the guard getting harassed by someone.

I'm sorry if this sounds weird or really specific. My end of an AT with ak-tastic: JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent.

animatronic august; crush. just now...

Filter by post type All posts. The FNaF claw machine! I doodled some things: Rainy season in my country now! I just have to say: Toy freddica toy freedy x toy chica bonnie x toy bonnie PG x PG my art purple guy x phone guy.

Some clients can be very rude sometimes, he feels uncomfortable for you. Not everyone can be as chill and friendly as him after all. You have all the right to do it. He still has problem to play videogames Energetic shadow dating toy chica so he is unable to face those assholes especially during the day, you know.

shadowfreddy: Five Nights at Freddy's...

By the way, he speaks with you, giving you the motivation you need to face those assholes and resolve the problem on your own and even the satisfaction will be grander. The world is made by horrible people and we should learn how to defend our self, we cannot count to others every time and we have to learn to do it alone.

Go on and rock! You have always been kind with her and so she had no reason to be hostile and during the day the pizzeria is such a beautiful and cheerful place where people have fun, laugh and eat together. It fills her mechanic heart with contentment. Then she decided to ask to them what they wanted because you were not the information point and she could serve them but those people did not seem to be interested in her words and they just laughed.

They looked at you in an oddly way, their expression was so mischievous. She asks you if you need some help and you nodded but you are too nervous to say something rational. At first, he did not know you were the morning guard but a customer who appreciated a lot his performances and so he Energetic shadow dating toy chica glad singing and playing for you. Then, when he noticed you were often here, you wear even Energetic shadow dating toy chica uniform and so you could not be a normal customer.

He cannot be rude with guests and so he asks to Toy Chika and Freddy some advice because he wants to help his friend but he does not know how. Then he has a plan and he wants you to make a bet with them.

Actually, you speak to them and you bet they have no courage to come in the pizzeria at night, because they are cowards and so they accept the challenge and the animatronics will have a visit this night from your dear harassers. It seems someone is not acting nice with you recently. She does not want to bother you, maybe they are your new friends… Are you going to forget about her? No, anything is fine, she observes those assholes who are harassing you from the ceiling, and then she appears out of nowhere.

Actually, she is still perched in the ceiling but her eyes show madness and anger and you Energetic shadow dating toy chica she has something in mind. Then you left them alone so Mangle can have her fun with those assholes, she seems caring a lot in entertaining her guests in her ways. Art Trade ak tastic Chirp Bonnie bonnie x toy chica. However, Chica, Toy Chica, and Nightmare Chica are all only ever seen holding it in The Cupcake, Shadow Freddy, Shadow Bonnie, BB, Phantom Puppet.


shadowfreddy: Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Shadow Bonnie - Icon GIF Purple Toy Chica Gif. FINISHED! XD Shadow Candy - Five Nights at.


Why not end the date with a Kiss in a romantic spot near a dock? This is so far the most toy chica + bonnie = toy chibon Freddy S, Fnaf, Geek Stuff, Five. More information Find this Pin and more on Fnaf by Shadow Deutsch. My favorite.