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The Minecraft Series is a catch-all description for the Yogscast content based around Minecraft. However, after a few unusual events and weird encounters with a mysterious character named Israphel it grew into an ambitious machinima series.

From late through earlythe bulk of the Minecraft series was composed of a semi-improvised comedy drama, where Lewis and Simon "play" Lewis and hannah dating yogscast texture parts of a Xephos, a heroic "Spaceman", and Honeydew, a mighty dwarf, respectively.

The series is set in the fictional land of Minecraftia, where Xephos and Honeydew encounter a range of colorful characters, and, by virtue of their talent and skill or a succession of lucky flukesbecome worshiped as mighty heroes by the citizens of Lewis and hannah dating yogscast texture land.

Other videos in the series include custom map play throughs, series showcasing Minecraft mods such as YogLabs, and Minecraft update coverage. Ina comedic series of animated sketches featuring the voices of Ross and Trott along with archival footage from the older series called Israphel Animated was started.

This ostensibly shows what Israphel and his skeleton minion was doing to Lewis and hannah dating yogscast texture Lewis and Simon while Lewis and Simon were off playing other Minecraft mods. A continuation from the Chaosville server's Solutions in Chaos. Reunited after their separation as the end of the prior series, Parvis talks a reluctant William Strife into teaching him blood magic after Martyn bluntly refuses to even touch the stuff in Heroes of Mine.

It began as a lone venture, but he brought in Parvis in episode seven because trying to play alone without someone to bounce of was, to quote "numbing his brain". The sequel series to Feed the World that takes place in the Yogscast Complete server, owing to the Heartbleed patch corrupting the previous farm. This show stars Sjin "expanding" his farm by purchasing a new deed and starting from scratch with Lewis. After the end of Solutions in Chaos, Strife returns to his content roots in the form of what is essentially a guide to Minecraft Yogspack, while also creating the Strife Solutions Business Park.

Occasionally he wanders off to visit Parv in Blood and Chaos. After the somewhat disastrous end of Jaffaquest, the gang move to a new location, taking all their supplies with them to start afresh. After his return from the moon, Sips decides to relaunch Sipsco yet again, this time hiring Lewis and Turps as assistants in making a new Dirt Factory. Duncan and Sjin, believing that magic is evil if certain variations are left unchecked, decide to essentially become "police" for magic for the server.

Sips and Sjin, believing that cheating on the server is getting out of hand have decided to essentially become the "police" for cheating on the server. A series in which the Yogscast- including Simon, Lewis, Duncan, Sips, and Sjin- must care for a giant sky whale while they wait for their captain to return.

A series in which various members of the Yogscast plus one or two friends elect a mayor every week, who then divides up tasks for everyone to work on. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. The series as a whole. Often invoked and lampshaded by the other saying "I'm sorry?

The hostile mobs, supposedly, and, according to Simon, cows. Professor Grizwald only appeared in writing in an adventure map, but his memorable voice acting done by Simon made him into a One Episode Wonder that made him become a part of the Shadow of Israphel backstory spelled "Grizwold" in the Legend of Verigan special.

They have often chased an enemy, found several more enemies or just one they didn't expect and quickly backed off. Simon doesn't appreciate enemies attacking him in the middle of speaking. All my clothes are dirty and filthy and on fire I don't like cheating.

I've never liked cheating. LewisMinecraft episode Well, we did try Lewis in the tourist adventure map, right before cheating. Burn it with fire! You're like Jean-Luc Picard doing Shakespeare. I need to go get some wood.

This is then subverted twice, but in two different ways. First, he becomes The Load because of The Taint.

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First was Terrorvale, a small, out-of-the-way town with only three NPCs and a couple quests built on top of a vast cave system. Then came Mistral City, an immense city of airships, floating castles, shops, NPCs and even a mine dungeon, now burnt to a crisp then entirely covered by trees thanks to Swampy. Then there was the Carnivale de Banjo, a carnival owned by an eccentric man. Then came Barbecue Bay, a port under siege from pirates built right on top of a Lewis and hannah dating yogscast texture portal.

Then was the Skyhold, home to the Skylords and new location of the Carnivale. Then was Stoneholm, subterranean home to the dwarves. In the Legend of Verigan flashback, Simon and Lewis have fun debating the strange green exploding monsters, how they tend to creep up on people, and how they seem to be made out of those creeper vines that grow on trees, and end up dubbing them "viners".

PirateTinman, who has been trapped in Grimmjaw's teasure hold for decades because two people are required to solve the "Lewis and hannah dating yogscast texture" puzzle. Ends up being ditched again by the Yogscast duo because they couldn't figure out the proper way to solve the final puzzle, but somehow manages to get out of the puzzle anyway, Hand Wave 'd in a parody animation in the beginning of one of the next episodes.

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Lampshaded; Simon and Lewis refer to the local NPCs as "carny folk" and suspect them of cheating them out of money. Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: While in Madame Nubescu's scrying chamber, you can see one of the signs labeling the contents of the chests around the room says "Tomes of Nightmare, Prophecy and Tasty Cooking".

Sadly, he seems to be The Load more than anything else. How PirateTinman plays the security tape. Oh God, he's going to bend over and slip the disk between his butt cheeks. Oh my God, he is as well! A sheep just fell out of the sky! Well I assume it's more than one person on there. It's quite a big thing.

Maybe it's Lewis and hannah dating yogscast texture guy though. Put the goggles on! Do I get magical powers when I put the goggles on? No, but they make you look cool as heck.

Oop, I've just fallen in some lava and I died. Here is where he died. You know how it goes with wind. Sometimes it can just change direction and you're left with egg on your I think I mixed metaphors a bit.

Was that my flint and tinder? Please try not to break the laws of physics any more than you have already Good news is I've dug our way out. Bad news is we're going to drown.

Cull your toungue young Templar! We need the old man well and rested!

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That poor man, his son Israphel was out hunting when the creepers got him. And Call Him "George"!

For those who are unsure,...

In one video, Simon shows off his world which has the YoGbox compilation mod pack installed and meets a pink dolphin. He tries to ride it, but it keeps throwing him off.

Because now Turps and Lewis...

The eventually end up on shore, and Simon coddles the dolphin, which he accidentally beats to death. A giant Simon does this to tiny Lewis in the Gulliver mod spotlight, after nearly killing him with one punch. As Lewis runs away to hide in a small hole. Come here I want to play with you, Then in a booming voice I will hug you and squeeze you and call you Lewis.

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We got it all wrong! An asteroid didn't kill the dinosaurs! It was Hannah and her diamond sword! Okay, I'm going to need to suspend my disbelief, and accept this as something you have been just been working on. The reason they take Fumblemore to their adventure maps. He can use magic to fly and explode obstacles, very useful in the Canopy Carnage arc. It was practically made for him. Some of the adventure maps they play never get finished for various reasons.

A most recent example would be Paladin's Quest 2. Simon building a bridge of TNT blocks thanks to a previous explosion causing lava to flow in in the Curse of Sunny Springs map. However, he built it right next to the lava where all those blocks can be sparked and explode.

Lewis insists Simon's miles away from the creeper-infested planetoid, Simon, then tells him to be careful when it's already too late. Blown Across the Room: Taken to a hilarious extreme with Testificate Golfa game which involves knocking villager mobs across the map with enchanted sticks. Kirk, Lewis and hannah dating yogscast texture to teach an alien spider "the ways of kissing".

According to Lewis, the Temple of Kikatchu and Curse of Sunny Springs maps are holidays where he and Simon end up saving the world anyway. During one of his Skyblock episodes with Sjin, Duncan mentions that one of the first things he built in Minecraft after getting the game was an igloo with a fire in the middle to 'break physics'. Probably the very same igloo that Lewis and Simon discovered in their original Minecraft playthrough before it became Shadow of Israphel.

Lewis and hannah dating yogscast texture the puppy in the Paldin's quest two map. @James Young, as it's been explained below, Lewis, Simon and Hannah When you pledge a certain amount, then at a later date you pledge more will that @The Yogscast and Winterkewl Lewis and hannah dating yogscast texture LLC I'm not an old school follower of you the character customization will be much more than simple texture skinning. DATE ARCHIVED · DATE PUBLISHED · DATE REVIEWED · CREATOR Mod Pack Spotlight.

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