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By Bill Sobel Mar 11, Tery Spataro is passionate about digital marketing.

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For 20 years, she's been providing strategies that define the role digital and technology play with the brand and in the life of the customer. She oversees the method, strategy, identification of insights, analysis of data for product and marketing research to aid in the experience design process.

Spataro, a marketer, author, professor, collaborator and futurist, uses digital and technology to create a relationship between the brand and consumer. To Tery spataro dating that goal, she's created Tery spataro dating for brand promotion, product creation, innovation, dashboards and apps, digital experiences in-store and out of home, and environment. Spataro has more than two decades of experience in digital and traditional marketing communications.

She co-founded one of the earliest digital marketing agencies and founded two others — an online retail business and an e-voice Tery spataro dating card company. I was fortunate enough to reconnect with her recently — and have the opportunity to share her insights with CMSWire readers.

You've worked at some of the biggest names in the world of marketing and advertising.

"Tery spataro dating" you share a bit about your journey and how it led you to your work at ATOMdesign? I love innovation and future forward thinking. I believe in technology, but not as the risk of losing our humanity. I Tery spataro dating in digital and technology back in I was convinced the world would transition to online only — that we would be fixated on the screen. There is a joining of physical with digital.

I have a great team of researchers, who are incredibly curious about the human condition. Without answering these tough questions of who, what and why the design process is just guess work and there will be a lack of human consideration in the design outcome.

Product Tery spataro dating be created to connect an experience with the consumer to ensure loyal usage. A few months ago you posed an interesting question after attending CESthe big consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. You noted, "Every few seconds Twitter was buzzing with enthusiasm and wonder for automating routines and tasks will improve our lives… My observations cause me to conclude: This is the year the connection is made between human reliance on smart devices.

Connection is the new term for convenience.

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In some cases this is exciting news through it makes me ponder two questions:. Can you give us a brief overview and explain how to plan engaging integrated experiences? Retailers need to innovate the physical space to get customers to come into the store. Because of the recession, most shoppers have become time strapped and budget conscience. Retailers like Target were able to benefit and gain new buyers through their in-store contemporary design and the addition of top Tery spataro dating who wanted to venture into mass merchandising.

These changes catered to customers who formerly shopped at higher end merchants. It is unfortunate that Target couldn't continue with this type of customer strategy in its stores in Canada.

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