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Cyber Sleuth [a] is a role-playing video game developed by Media. An English version of the game was released in early Februaryand features cross-save functionality between the two platforms.

A sequel, titled Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is a role-playing gameplayed from a third-person perspective where players explore control a human character with the ability to command Digimon, digital creatures with their own unique abilities who do battle against other Digimon.

Players can choose between either PalmonTerriermon or Hagurumon as their starting partner at the beginning of the game, with more able to be Digimon frontier 28 latino dating as they make their way into new areas. A total of unique Digimon are featured, including seven that were available as DLC throughout the life of the game, and two which were exclusive to the Western release. While Aiba is hanging out in a chatroom, a hacker infiltrates it and leaves a message telling the members within to log into Cyberspace EDEN, a popular physical-interaction cyberspace network, to receive a "wonderful present.

Aiba meets them the next day as arranged in Kowloon, a hacker-infested area of EDEN, where they introduce themselves as Nokia Shiramine and Arata Sanada; shortly after, the three of them are given the "Digimon Capture" by the unknown hacker and locked into Kowloon.

While searching for an exit, Aiba runs into "Digimon frontier 28 latino dating" hacker named Yuugo, the leader of the hacker team Zaxon who resembles a rumored "white boy ghost" said to have been sighted around EDEN, Digimon frontier 28 latino dating teaches them how to use their Digimon Capture and reveals that Arata is, in fact, a skilled hacker.

Shortly afterward, Aiba, Nokia, and Arata run into a mysterious creature that attacks them, and although Arata manages to hack open a way out for them, the creature grabs onto Aiba's leg and corrupts their logout process. Aiba manifests an ability called Connect Jump, which allows them to travel into and through networks.

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