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Superman vs silver surfer yahoo dating


So I got to thinking Darkseid vs Thanos has been asked a number of times Who would win if they fought each other's "Superman vs silver surfer yahoo dating" Who wins and explain why!

I have to admit, this sounds like a great idea for a crossover. Supes and Norrin come up with the idea, "Since we can't defeat our own foes, let's trade places, and try to defeat each other's foe! They will be surprised and we can beat them! What do you think?

Superman prime vs galactus yahoo...

Time and date stamp all questions and answers from now on. This Site Might Help You.

It sounds like you already...

Superman Superboy Wonder Woman storm isn't a goddness nor does she consider her self to be one. Thor Aquaman Flash is faster than anything in both marvel and dc.

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Silver surfer because green lantern can't do anything with out his ring. Too bad your mom wasn't in this poll because she'd kick all their butts. I bet she could play linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys.

Back to the question. Thanos definitely, but only with the Gauntlet.


Other than that, the Man of Steel is indestructable and would just tear Thanos a new one. Thanos has gone toe to toe with Galactus granted, not for very long and he generally prepares for his opponants. Surfer Superman vs silver surfer yahoo dating Darkseid eyes into lead, no more Omega beams and Darkseid is blind and helpless, Surfer wins.

Superman wins because he stands for good and proper. Silver surfer wins because he is the biggest cry baby in all the universes.

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