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Catholic veil colors

Make your own Veil In...

One of the questions I have received from a lot of people who watched my video on Veiling is whether certain veil colours are Catholic veil colors be worn for various liturgical events.

Some people have also stated that married women should only wear black veils and unmarried women and girls should wear white veils. In all honesty, there are no Biblical or Catechetical specifications on what veil colours should be worn, when or by whom. The idea of married women wearing black veils and unmarried females wearing white veils comes from Spanish, Italian and Latina cultures and traditions. It is not necessarily a Biblical or Catholic tradition and as veiling is an instruction given by God BEFORE Spanish, Latin and Italian cultures came into being, I do not think it is imperative to follow the veiling traditions of these cultures.

Some people have also denounced women wearing Catholic veil colors veils or veils in metallic shades like gold or silver, labelling them as being prideful or ostentatious. However, modesty does not mean we are to be frumpy, dowdy or dull in appearance. In fact, femininity and part of being a woman entail dressing in bright, feminine, beautiful shades and fabrics — with moderation!!

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