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Outkicking your coverage dating sim


Professional athletes basically have no trouble finding a woman to act as arm candy for any given event — pro athlete groupies are practically throwing themselves at their favorite athlete the minute they see him.

The more famous you get, the more women are desperate to get a piece of you. Some professional athletes are genetically blessed in more ways than one — in addition to amazing athletic prowess, sports superstars like Tom Brady could retire as supermodels thanks to their good looks.

Unsurprisingly, many WAGs are or were models, or are so gorgeous they may as well be. They could have their pick Outkicking your coverage dating sim any man they wanted, and they stay by the side of their professional sports husband, rooting them on at every game either from the stands or watching at home with the kids.

These are some lucky, lucky men.

Here are 15 professional athletes who definitely outkicked their coverage and snagged smoking hot wives. What he is not is your first call when you need a hot NBA player for a photoshoot. His wife Adrienne, however, is a total cutie.

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