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Slough berkshire united kingdom

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It was recognised by the Queen as the Royal County of Berkshire in because of the presence of Windsor Castleand letters patent were issued in Therefore, the historic county includes territory that is now administered by the Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire districts of Oxfordshirebut excludes Slough and Etonwhich were historically in Buckinghamshire. Berkshire County Council was the main local government of the county from to and was based in Readingthough the County Borough of Reading was administered separately until InSlough berkshire united kingdom county's administrative boundaries were significantly altered.

Berkshire borders the counties of Oxfordshire to the northBuckinghamshire to the north-eastGreater London to the eastSurrey to the south-eastWiltshire to the west and Hampshire to the south. Slough berkshire united kingdom to Asser 's biography of King Alfredwritten in AD, [6] its old name Bearrocscir takes its name from a wood of box treeswhich was called Bearroc a Celtic word meaning "hilly".

Berkshire has been the scene of some notable battles through its history. Newbury was the site of two English Civil War battles: The nearby Donnington Castle was reduced to a ruin in the aftermath of the second battle. Another Battle of Reading took place on 9 December It was the only substantial military action in England during the Glorious Revolution and ended in a decisive victory for forces loyal to William of Orange.

Reading became the new county town intaking over from Abingdonwhich remained in the county. Under the Local Government ActBerkshire County Council took over functions of the Berkshire Quarter Sessionscovering the administrative county of Berkshire, which excluded the county borough of Reading. Boundary alterations in the early part of the 20th century were minor, with Caversham from Slough berkshire united kingdom becoming part of the Reading county borough, and cessions in the Oxford area.

Berkshire took over administration of Slough and Eton and part of the former Eton Rural District from Buckinghamshire. On 1 April Berkshire County Council was abolished under a recommendation of the Slough berkshire united kingdom Commissionand the districts became unitary authorities. Unlike similar reforms elsewhere at the Slough berkshire united kingdom time, the non-metropolitan county was not abolished.

There are also county signs on the south side of Sonning Bridge on the B, on the A southbound carriageway crossing the river Thames, and heading north on the A33 at the start of the dual carriageway just past Stratfield Saye. A flag for the historic county of Berkshire was registered with the Flag Institute in Berkshire divides into two clearly distinct sections with the boundary lying roughly on a north-south line through the centre Slough berkshire united kingdom Reading.

The eastern section of Berkshire lies largely to the south of the River Thameswith that river forming the northern boundary of the county. In two places Slough and Reading the county now includes land to the north of the river.

Tributaries of the Thames, including the Loddon and Blackwaterincrease the amount of low lying riverine land in the area. Beyond the flood plains, the land rises gently to the county boundaries with Surrey and Hampshire.

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Much of this area is still well wooded, especially around Bracknell and Windsor Great Park. In the west of the county and heading upstream, the Thames veers away to the north of the county boundary, leaving the county behind at the Goring Gap.

This is a narrow part of the otherwise quite broad river valley where, at the end of the last Ice Agethe Thames forced its way between the Slough berkshire united kingdom Hills to the north of the river in Oxfordshire and the Berkshire Downs.

As a consequence, the western portion of the county is situated around the valley of the River Kennetwhich joins the Thames in Reading. Fairly steep slopes on each side delineate the river's flat floodplain. To the south, the "Slough berkshire united kingdom" rises steeply to the nearby county boundary with Hampshireand the highest parts of the county lie here.

To the north of the Kennet, the land rises again to the Berkshire Downs. This is hilly area, with smaller and well-wooded valleys, drains into the River LambournRiver Pangand their tributaries.

The open upland areas famous for their involvement in horse racing and the consequent ever-present training gallops. The population is mostly based in the urban areas to the east and centre of the county: West Berkshire is much more rural and sparsely populated, with far fewer towns: Inthere werepeople living in Berkshire; by the population had risen toof whomwere male andwere Slough berkshire united kingdom. The ceremonial county of Berkshire consists of the area controlled by the six unitary authorities, each of which is independent of the rest.

Berkshire has no county council.

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The ceremonial county has a Lord Lieutenant and a High Sheriff. Berkshire, as a ceremonial county and non-metropolitan countyis unusual in England in that it has no county council, or district council covering its entire area; rather it is divided into several unitary authorities, which do not have county status. Of the other English non-metropolitan counties, only Bedfordshire and Cheshire function in the same manner.

The Labour Party controls Reading and Slough. In the general electionConservative Party candidates were elected in seven of the eight parliamentary constituencies. Slough is the exception; it is represented by a Labour "Slough berkshire united kingdom."

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