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Dating a materialistic person signs


This definition may be describing a wound, but superficial people are all about surface impressions. In summary, superficial people focus outward; lack emotional and intellectual depth, and are perceptually shallow. You know how most decent people remain grounded in certain beliefs and principles? How these tenets set a foundation for their life choices?

While this may sound harsh, superficial people are not grounded in anything. There is something wrong with placing physical attraction as the top criteria.

There are no subtle signs,...

Unless it has to do with their appearance, these folks lack the ability for introspection or self-observation entirely. The word materialistic, which assuredly applies to the superficial, is defined by the Oxford English Dictionaries as:.

Superficial people are unabashedly judgmental. They will form negative opinions about someone without any evidence. A conversation with someone superficially-inclined will probably involve a fair amount of gossip and empty talk.

Ever notice how some celebrities make it a point of acting asinine when the spotlight is redirected? The same goes for our superficial friends.

Whatever it takes to get people talking about them again. Okay, you get the idea.


Healthy, responsible adults have all discovered a fundamental truth about life: Either we work for something or go without, period.

Superficial people possess a sense of entitlement that nearly dwarfs their ego no small task. Narcissism is considered a personality disorder that falls in cluster B of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of No one sets out to lose an argument.

Here are 10 signs you're...

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