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Is dating your half cousin wrong


One of my pet peeves is a term that I see online over and over: However, the term is used by others. I know that lots of families use that term to refer to various relatives.

I will describe references used in the U. It is possible that relations are described differently in other countries and especially in languages other than English. For instance, my great-grandfather was married twice. He had several children by his first wife. The wife then died in childbirth, and great-grandfather later remarried and had more children Is dating your half cousin wrong his second wife.

I am descended from great-grandfather and his first wife. I recently met a man who is descended from my great-grandfather and his second wife. Some people Is dating your half cousin wrong think that this other man and I are half-second cousins. It is primarily a legal reference and is used by courts, lawyers, genealogical organizations, and many others. All that is required is to share one aunt or one uncle, not both. Second cousins need to share only one great-grandparent.

However, not all the experts agree.

Instead, she describes the use of the word by different groups, including legal, forensic, genetic, anthropological, and religious perspectives. She also adds in some words found in legal documents but not commonly found in genealogy, including cognatic descent, and cousin german which has nothing to do with Germany.

All of these sources seem to agree on one thing: The only difference is local usage. Half-cousin is a well-recognized concept in both genetics and anthropology.

Half-cousins have a different degree of genetic relationship than do full cousins.

Many cultures recognize this by employing different customs for half- and full cousins. To pretend otherwise is scientifically obtuse and culturally myopic. Like Liked by 4 people. One way to prove it, is to back up a step on the descendent tree. Like Liked by 1 person. Personally, I find these distinctions very helpful in matters of genealogy.

The distinction makes a big difference in genetic genealogy.

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Cousins who share both grandparents share twice as much DNA on the average as cousins Is dating your half cousin wrong share only one grandparent. The context is important — and what constitutes a first cousin for the purpose of inheritance is a legal point that may not apply in other domains. That sounds like incest! While in the area of relationships, Dick, does your legal guide have a view on the concept of half brothers and sisters, step brothers and sisters?

As I understand it: Half siblings are biologically related. Step siblings are not biologically related. It can create some tangled pedigree lines.

Half cousin” is not a...

For instance, my ancestor, Desire Doty daughter of Edward Doty of the Mayflower married three times and had children by all three men: One of her daughters by her first marriage married one of the sons of her third husband by his first marriage. The offspring had no biological relation to each other, but they were technically step-siblings.

Like Liked by 2 people. That would be my understanding as well, Bev. As for more complicated permutations I guess there is no end to the possibilities.

Genealogical definitions are defined by genealogists not lawyers. Elizabeth Shown Mills excellent article serves as a very useful benchmark. Thank you for sharing it. Normally the children would be first cousins of each other. In an article about identical twin brothers who married identical twin sisters it was stated that since both men Is dating your half cousin wrong identical DNA and both women also had identical DNA, although all the children of one couple were legally cousins to the children of the other couple, the genetic relationship of all of the children of both couples to each other was that of brothers and sisters.

As Elizabeth Shown Mills points out in the excellent article Dick has mentioned above many thanks, Dickit is necessary to be sensitive to the purpose for which our genealogical research is going Is dating your half cousin wrong be used.

That second article is is awesome. Debbie, you make an interesting point regarding US English v. So in current genealogical parlance, the OED considers a second cousin and a first cousin once removed to be the same thing!

I think they are saying that common usage surely among non-genealogists! In any case, this is not the same as the half-cousinship under discussion. It seems that both Black and the OED need updating for the 21st century. Sorry, Dick, but you are absolutely wrong. They only share HALF the blood that a full cousin does.

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I suggest you reconsider your position. This appears to be one of the best and most appropriate comments. I also think Ris hit the nail on the head. To complicate things further, there are also identical twins — who fathered identical twins! The article by Elizabeth Shown Mills addresses this. She points out that terminology differs Is dating your half cousin wrong various legal, scientific and cultural disciplines and has changed over time, so that it is necessary for genealogists to be aware of the differences, especially as they relate to the purposes for which our own research may be used.

The child of your aunt or uncle is your first cousin. Now If your aunt or uncle married that person then and only then would they become your aunt or uncle. But regardless that child is your first cousin. If they only share a single grandparent, they would be a half first cousin as the aunt or uncle you are mentioning in your comment would be a half sibling to your parent, and therefore only a half aunt or half uncle to yourself.

I was also the hesitant...

In turn, their child would be your half first cousin. John, I agree that the other OED definitions are confusing. Also they do not cite examples to support their alternative definitions. You can actually provide feedback to the OED and provide examples of alternative explanations or citations which predate their earliest references. The OED entry for half-cousin certainly needs updating and supporting with proper citations.

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Perhaps the article by Elizabeth Shown Mills could be "Is dating your half cousin wrong" with them. As a side note many of the definitions and citations in the OED were provided by a convicted murder and prisoner at Broadmoor Hospital.

One of their something or other [ fifth cousin twice removed or something stupid ] cousins married one of my something or other cousins. The term can be used for all sorts of odd ball relationships.

The law may not care, but we certainly do. The law should not be our criterion. Someone please shed light on this. I have this situation in my family tree. My grandfather and two of his brothers each married one of the three daughters of the same woman. Two of the wives had the same father, so the children of those two marriages are double first cousins to one another i.

The children of the third daughter are first cousins on the paternal side and half first cousins on the maternal side to the children of the other two marriages. I also have a case where four siblings on one side married four siblings on the other side. One thing about genealogy: My great grandfather, his brother a widower with children and their cousin also a widower with children married 3 sisters. It all gets very confusing sometimes! I have a person in my tree who married and had 5 children.

His wife died, and he married again Is dating your half cousin wrong a woman who had 3 children from a previous marriage. Together, the new couple had 3 more children. So, within this family there are half siblings, step siblings, and whole siblings, therefore, half cousins, step cousins and cousins. Have a very similar situation in my family…. Now that was fun to figure out! Bob Franklin, If identical twins married identical twins, their children would show up looking like siblings genetically.

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