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Travel trailer camping without hookups finder


We're heading to Yosemite end September. We'll have 7 nights in an RV and want to spend as much time in the park as possible. Problem is, as there are no hookups anywhere in the park how do people generally deal with limited water supplies for refilling tanks etc. I did read there are some dump stations around and as the campsites have toilest there should be nee dto use the RV toilet to much.

We'll have 7 nights in...

I mor einterested in the ability to fill up with water for the shower and dump grey waste. Here is what I know about RV camping at Yosemite:. There is a complete dump station at the entrance to Upper Pines that has potable water fills and a dump area.

If you have a water thief - since the faucets are not threaded - you might be able to get water in your campground if it is other than Upper Pines. Depending upon the size of your grey and black tanks, and the length of your showers Travel trailer camping without hookups finder amount of dish washing you do, you'll probably need to dump and refill every three nights.

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Empty everything when you do dump your tanks - your black first then your grey. There will possibly be a waiting line, and the dump station is in a poor location right by the entrance, so it may be congested.

Using the sink for the washing up uses more water than you might realize, so watch that also. Your water pump pulls a fair amount of electricity, so do run your generator some to recharge the Travel trailer camping without hookups finder batteries.

Although I'm far from a "germ phobia" person, you might want to have some anti-bacterial wipes with you to wipe off the end of the fresh water fill hose. The public fill hoses get a tremendous amount of use and get dropped in the dirt, or grabbed by hands that just dumped the sewer, etc Hey thanks for the education.

I had never heard of a water thief, or why you were giggling when skwerl said they didn't have "room for one". So I asked my husband if he had ever heard of a "water thief" and he went into a long explanation which had ME laughing. He grew up in the Northern Central Valley where they grow rice, and I guess there were "human water thieves", who were quite a problem. When I read skwerl's post about not having room for a water thief Travel trailer camping without hookups finder assumed he was meaning a person who he would bring along especially for "getting" the water.

I thought that was very funny.

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