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Robinson to initiate large-scale Cameron addison exploration and mining. Next year Cameron was appointed field superintendent of the subsidiary, Bendigo Mines Ltd. He explored ore bodies at Bendigo mainly by shaft sinking and driving, but the low fixed-price Cameron addison gold and the high cost of the operation caused the project to be abandoned in Taken on by Western Mining Corporation Ltd as general superintendent, Cameron explored the Mount Charlotte ore body in Western Australia which ultimately came into production in the s and devised the costing system which was effectively used by that company for many years.

The coal industry was in turmoil with low productivity, antiquated mining methods and constant industrial problems.

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Although his experience had been essentially in 'hardrock' mining, Cameron aimed to improve the living and working conditions of the miners, and to produce coal 'in such quantity and of such quality as will satisfy national requirements'. He set in train many changes to the industry—particularly the elimination of pneumoconiosis, improved safety and rescue standards, mechanization and open-cut mining—but was involved in battles with the unions and the owners, and the press was often critical of his approach to problems.

Thirty years later, however, a former colleague commented that Cameron 'must be given the most credit for the resuscitation of the very sick coal industry, not only in New South Wales but Cameron addison Australia.

He made great progress in the face of often passive and at times active resistance Cameron addison many coal owners, employers and employees'.

In mid Cameron resigned to become managing director until of Mount Morgan Ltd.

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He worked with J. Newman and Genister Shiel in reorganizing the company and remained a director until his death. In he was one of a group of mining entrepreneurs and financiers who formed Commonwealth Mining Investments Australia Ltd to Cameron addison in resource companies listed on the stock exchange and to sponsor new companies in metals, beach sands and oil.

Always a strong individualist, Cameron could not see a suitable place for himself in the new international structure, so resigned as managing director and accepted Cameron addison chairmanship of Mount Morgan Ltd, where his skill in negotiations opened up important contracts with Japan. His work gave him little time for recreation, but in his earlier years he played golf and he continued to enjoy tennis.

Still actively engaged as chairman of Mount Morgan and a Cameron addison of at least eight mining companies, Cameron died suddenly of a coronary occlusion on 5 August at his Cameron addison home, Sydney, and was cremated. His wife and two daughters survived him. On his death A. Keast wrote that Cameron 'always represented everything that is honest, straightforward, constructive, immensely friendly and very human'.

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Cameron, Keith Addison (1902–1967)

Vice President of Operations. Cameron has a Bachelors Degree from the University of South Florida in Environmental Policy.