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Dating places around bangalore


Do you have an anniversary or a special occasion to celebrate with your partner? Dating places around bangalore you're simply trying to spice up a weekend and do something different that will bring you and your significant other closer.

From fine dining to strolling in the park or even a night at the museum, there are so many ideas for you out there. Here are a few unique plans and places to visit that will make your date night a lot more interesting and a little less nerve-wracking.

For those of you looking for a more unconventional date, The Bangalore Palace could be a pretty good place to visit together. There's nothing more romantic than walking through those beautiful palace rooms hand Dating places around bangalore hand.

The Royal Carriage Horse ride at the end is the perfect way to make her feel like the princess she is to you. A little bit more of the "happy hormone" that is triggered by yummy sweets could make your evening together, a pleasurable experience.

There are so many pastry places in the city to experiment and go crazy with. You could pick a couple of places to try for the evening and end up discovering your new faves. On the other hand, getting massages together would be the ultimate romantic and relaxing activity for working couples after a long hard week.

This would be the perfect way to spice up that blessedly free weekend. Comedy Night at the club is the perfect place to go on a first date to break the ice! You two will be in for a fun-filled evening full of laughter and skip a whole lot of awkward silences. And of course, everybody loves to have a good laugh from time to time, right? How would you like to spend an afternoon opening up your senses and tantalizing your taste buds with perfectly brewed cups of tea?

Some of us are definitely more health-conscious than others and would prefer a healthy cup of tea over a few glasses of wine. Here's your chance to make a date out of it. Cooking together can be more exciting than you think. Trying and testing the food you two cook up can be quite amusing, Dating places around bangalore. You might even end up creating something unique that you guys really enjoy cooking and eating together.

This is definitely something fun and something new thats bound to give you an experience like Dating places around bangalore other.

This might sound alarming, but spending the night with your date and two loaded pistols could be a hit and the perfect moment to hold her in your arms and teach her a few moves. Remember how you felt watching Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore working with clay, and Dating places around bangalore amazingly romantic that looked?

They made pottery look so sensual. Wouldn't you love to do that with your partner, too? It could be a new and exciting activity for you to try sometime with your date. Fine wines are magical and vineyards are gorgeous.

They are amazing places to go to on a date. There's nothing like walking hand in hand through the gardens and spending the afternoon sipping on some good wine.

Places to Visit in Bangalore...

There's a great place just outside the city where you can go on a breathtaking tour around a beautiful vineyard and experience the flavours of their different wines. An evening at the Bangalore Planetarium for a little stargazing is the perfect way to spend a few romantic hours with your date. It's surprisingly Dating places around bangalore and an ideal place for you two to sit back and bond under the midnight sky, making wishes upon those beautiful stars.

Just picture the two of you looking down at the city together.

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For those bookworm couples out there, attending a book reading or poetry session with your favourite authors would be the perfect place for you two. There are places in this city dedicated to those of you who enjoy getting lost in those books.

Karaoke could actually end up being a whole lot fun. Whether you can sing or not, it's all "Dating places around bangalore" having a good time.

You have a huge variety...

Who knows, maybe both of you won't be all that great and can enjoy a good laugh about it. There are plenty of places you could visit around the city. Cycling Dating places around bangalore always have to be a workout. It could just be an easy ride to enjoy the scenery together, have the wind blowing through your hair and maybe grab a meal at the end of your journey.

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