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Adventure time dating quotes


Work and life got you down? Here are my favorite quotes from Adventure Time that will help inspire and motivate you through the day!

Here are my favorite quotes...

While in the moment they mean seem incredibly painful, looking back our biggest hurdles will often become some of our most cherished memories and pillars of strength for us to lean on in the future. A post shared by Quote Bold quoteboldofficial on Jun 28, at 9: This wacky and insanely creative show has gained a strong following from all ages.

Here is my list of...

A major part of its success is that it delivers many meaningful messages in an easy to understand matter. The creators of Adventure Time do a fantastic job of also condensing complicated issues and emotions into concise and emotional quotes. This is said by Princess Bubblegum who generally sees the world in a calculated, and often, cold Adventure time dating quotes. She will make harsh decisions like imprisoning Flame Princess as a child for the greater good.

This moral is also reflected in many other characters, such as the Ice King Simon who eventually sacrifices himself to save the world and Marceline.

Or maybe dating girls is like riding a bicycle. Or, like, if you mess up, you could get really hurt forever, or hurt someone you really care about.

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I just like you. I think I… I think I like-like you.

6. On Intelligence

Listen, when I look at you, my brain goes all stupid. And I just wanna hug you, and sit on the couch and play BMO with you. You can see our full list of love quotes here. BMO, by contrast, thinks problems are unnecessary.

For a "kids' cartoon," Cartoon...

This is a BMO episode and an incredibly weird on at that. That is why we must find the light.