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Schmidts online dating profile


I have been on Plenty of Fish for a while now, inactively searching for a guy to connect with that might lead to dates, dating and maybe, partnership.

When I checked out his profile, I learned he has a degree checkfilled out his profile checkwas witty in his writing checkand he used proper grammar and wrote coherent sentences which Schmidts online dating profile paragraphs check!! Regardless, I responded to him. Then we decided to text. For which he had a good story, but still, I am in the business of self-preservation, I was nervous. I was determined to see this through because I never do. Yes, he gave me a pet name after a 30 minute text conversation and he is pigeon holing me as cute, but he means well, right?

I HATE being called cute. I am not a puppy, I am Schmidts online dating profile fully-grown adult woman! Four days pass and he texts me again today. I talked with some friends this evening about it and I decided that the gold chain he wears, calling me cute, and his constant desire to know if I like massages can be overlooked for a moment to give him another chance.

He said he was serious and so we sent a couple more messages.

Yeah, Wonder Woman has it right. So, I did what any logical, self-respecting woman would do. So here is where I might have gone astray.

TV. Food. Pop Culture.

I already made clear I am serious about this, not just looking to be a Schmidts online dating profile or something. Plus, I knew that even talking to him was pushing it because of the negative aspects of him ie. Duuuddeee, you insult my intelligence. You are testing boundaries. Seeing how far I will let you go. Responding to him would be respectful, yes. But I had no interest in dragging it out and being respectful to him when he had no interest in respecting me. Conversation number two Schmidts online dating profile this guy featured him trying to sexualize the conversation again!

I let the massage talk go the first time because I thought maybe he is just proud of something he does well. My dad would have so much to say to that! But the next conversation, he goes even further.

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