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Dear Mariella My father believes the world is ending — and is abusive to my mother. Dear Mariella I got back with my ex — and then he went off with someone else. Dear Mariella My boyfriend lost his virginity to a sex worker, then Mariella frostrup observer about it. Dear Mariella I am old and lonely.

I feel so sad returning to my empty home. A widower who feels so alone has considered taking his own life. Mariella Frostrup replies that it is shameful that the rest of us have allowed this to happen — and also suggests ways to tentatively re-engage with the world.

Dear Mariella My husband of 17 years is kind but our marriage is loveless. Dear Mariella My friends and I are single, childless — and running out of time.

want, Mariella Frostrup tells a...

Dear Mariella My Mariella frostrup observer called me a slut — now I dread seeing him. Dear Mariella I admitted feelings for a friend. Why is he deleting my emails? We both know you are lingering when you should have moved on, Mariella Frostrup tells a woman who says she is still sending flirty emails to a man who says he has no romantic feelings for her.

Mariella Frostrup, the Observer's agony...

Tell her that the nights out have lost their shine and that she will too, says Mariella Frostrup. Plus you have to think about your own marriage.

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Dear Mariella Should I stay with my partner in our safe but loveless relationship? Is it time to move on?

Dear Mariella I have an abusive ex. How can I get him out of my friendship circle? Dear Mariella Can I contact my kids, 18 years after a really toxic divorce? You must resolve Mariella frostrup observer conflict you still feel towards your ex first.

Then apologise to your children for walking away, says Mariella frostrup observer Frostrup. Dear Mariella My mum is having an affair and has left. Dear Mariella I want a child in order to feel fulfilled — but my girlfriend says no.

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